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Types of franchises and categories in France (English)

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It can be a lot easier to run a business in this sector if you have the support from a franchisor. Depending on the franchise, you will also receive training before embarking on your journey. If you are passionate about this industry, there is a wide range of options.


The advantage of being part of a large and recognised brand can have a few different advantages. For example, you will be able to buy into a recognised brand that people know and trust. You will also be able to buy stock at lower costs due to the economy of scale a larger outfit affords you.

Building Maintenance

This is a growing sector and so it’s an ideal time to jump into it by buying a franchise. You will be able to get the training and support that you need from the franchisor whether you are planning on doing the work yourself or managing a team.


Depending on your skills and passions, you will have a few different niches to choose between. Take your time to narrow down your search and find the right opportunity for you. There is a lot of room to grow in this industry and so choose wisely and you will be on your way to success.


Before going into this sector, you will need to have a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the vulnerable. The structure of a franchise works well in this sector and so becoming a franchisee is a good way to ensure success.


Of course, you need to love working with children to go into this industry. Whether this is giving lessons and tutoring children or entertaining kids on the weekends or after school, there are plenty of opportunities for passionate people who are looking to have a trusted brand name behind them. This brand name is important so that you can gain the trust of parents.


The franchising model works well in this industry and it’s a great route to take. You can find plenty of options that will give you the chance to manage a team from home, if that is what will suit your lifestyle.

Clothing & Accessories

It’s important to have a strong online presence for your business if you are going into this industry. That is why franchising is such a good idea. You will receive tried and tested systems and the parent company will market and advertise your business or you.


Online businesses have soared in popularity over the years and there is no denying that, with the right opportunity, you will be able to run a thriving business. There are a lot of successful franchises in this sector, so you are certain to find the perfect one for you. Business in this sector will often also let you run your business from home or with flexible working hours.


Investing in an education franchise comes with a lot of possibilities for anyone looking for flexible working hours. An important part of success in this industry will be choosing a franchisor that has a recognisable and trusted brand name.


An events business requires slick systems, contacts and good suppliers. All this plus training and support will usually be included in the franchise package that you get when you invest. Find the right events niche for you. Consider whether you would be better at corporate events, weddings or parties.

Flowers, Gifts & Card

Keeping up with industry trends and the move to increased desire from customers for home delivery means that you should find a franchisor that will be able to provide this for you. This is a great space for entrepreneurs and so, if you find the right option, you should be able to achieve great success.


Some of the most successful franchises are ones that serve food. However, these franchises will also require a large investment. There are a range of investment opportunities in this sector that you should also consider that come with a smaller price tag.


If you are passionate about fitness and have good management skills, this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. A gym franchise will come with a structured way of doing things as well as the layout of your gym and the branding and membership prices.


Going into this industry, most likely, you will need to be able to manage a team successfully. You can run a business with generally low overheads. There are more services than just hair cutting that you can offer at your salon like waxing, hair dying or manicures.


Going into this field, you will not have to have specific experience, but you will need to choose to invest in a franchise that will offer extensive training beforehand. Of course, what you will need, though, are business skills and passion.

Home Improvement

There are a lot of different niches that you can go into in this industry. No matter which one you choose, though, you will have to have good people skills that will allow you to manage a team and interact with your clients well so that people call you back again and again.


When it comes to hotels, customers are often looking for a reliable brand so that they know that they can get the service and cleanliness that thy need. Buying a franchise will let you buy into an established and trusted company.

Legal & Finance

Third party business that can provide financial and legal services for people and businesses are in more and more demand. You may need specific expertise or qualifications for some franchises in this sector but not for all of them. So, take a look through your options and find the one that is best for you.


If you are looking for a lifestyle business, this is the right sector for you. Find a lot of success running a business that allows you to spend time outside. You will need to carefully assess the type of business that is right for you, though, as there are many options.

Media & Marketing

This sector has grown a lot in the last few years and with this growth has come more competition. That is why franchising can be a great option as it will come with a brand name and the support of a larger parent company.

Pawn Broker

This is still a business that relies on face-to-face contact with customers and so you have to be willing to deal with customers daily if you are going to jump into this sector. If this sounds like you, though, there are plenty of opportunities.

Personal Services

This is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a business that does not require buying stock like retail business do. You will, instead, be offering specialized services. The specific service that you offer will vary depending on the exact franchise so determine your skills and find the right route for you.


No matter whether you’re looking to go into wedding, sport or events photography, or maybe you are looking to do a range of different types of photography, you can find a franchise that will suit your needs.


This sector often requires a lot of capital so take a look at the available franchises and check the requirements for franchisees carefully. Having the support of a parent company can be a real benefit in this industry.

Signs & Printing

This is a business that requires the ability to interact well with clients and customers so you will need to be good at dealing with people. You should also be comfortable with using technology, but most franchisors will also offer you training and support throughout your business journey.

Sports & Fitness

Make sure that you have a lot of motivation if you are going into this industry. As well as this, an important role you will have to take on is managing a staff. Finally, you will have to have a real passion for fitness and the industry.

Top Franchises

Within the franchises that we offer there are some standout opportunities and we have put these together in one place so that you can find a lucrative option that you can be passionate about.

Van Based

We have put together all of the van-based franchises that are available in one place, so it is easier for you to search for the right one. The number of franchises that are run from a van is big so find the type that fits with your goals and personality.


You will have to be able to have a really good relationship with the parent company so look through your options carefully. There are various industries in this sector and finding one that you can throw yourself into is vital.


If you are looking to run a franchise that is designed to fit the needs of women or is aimed at attracting women customers and clients, this is the right sector for you. Find a franchise that is catered to your needs.

Work from Home

Many people go into franchising for the freedom that it can offer you as a business owner. One of these freedoms is being able to work from home and that is why we have put together all the work from home options in one place.